1O Ideas for a Photo Walk

This is a great time to try something new in your photography, stepping out of the norm to explore and expand your skills. A great activity is a themed photo walk of your neighborhood or local area. Walking and shooting with a theme can help you focus on something different, explore different styles of photography, and take a break from the routine.

Ideas for a quick photo walk: 

  • Focus on finding Textures. Textures are everywhere. Capture those textures that you see or create textures with intentional camera movement or panning. 
  • Focus on a color and only shoot that color
  • Walk and shoot the alphabet—find images for each letter
  • Shoot in black and white - looking for contrast and shadows
  • Search for reflections or shadows as you walk 
  • Start early in the morning and look for water drops, water reflections, and morning dew
  • Look for creative light bokeh to capture in your images
  • Geometry - focus on lines, buildings, and architecture
  • Perspective - shoot things from a bird’s eye view or underneath 
  • Movement - capture moving cars, bicycles, scooters, water, birds, and clouds
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