Lightroom Update - Adaptive Presets

In June of 2022, Lightroom made some fun new updates to the preset options in the Develop panel. As you may know, presets allow you to make quick editing adjustments to your image. The two new features will give you selective presets and create masking. Let’s look at where these new tools are located.
Go to the Develop modules in Lightroom > look on the left Navigation side of your screen >Under presets, there are two new options > Adaptive Sky and Adaptive Subject

The new presets let you adjust just the sky or the subject of your image by adding a selective preset. The fun part of these adaptive presets is that Lightroom creates the mask for you and applies the preset. The presets offered an excellent range of color, tone, and mood enhancements. Remember also that a preset is just a starting place for your image. You can continue adjusting the image in the Develop module and even tweak the mask if needed. The second new feature is the preset amount adjustment tool. This tool lets you adjust how much of a preset you want to be applied to your image. You can give the image a touch of the preset or increase it to the max. This gives you the ability to customize your image. 

Both of these videos will walk you through how to use both of these new features! 

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