My Gear - 2021

I get asked often about my photography gear, favorite lenses, bags, etc… I have not done an updated post, so here is one for 2021. I have a fresh perspective on gear this year - simplicity! I want to enjoy the experience of being out in nature, capturing beautiful places. I have learned to simplify my bag and use what I have without regrets or envy. I have truly learned to work with what I have and spend more time focusing on the composition, light, perspective. 

Here is my 2021 camera gear: 

Let’s start with the camera bag. I have tried so many camera bags over the years - my go-to these days for longer hikes or travel is a backpack by Tenba. I like the backpack style to stay hands-free; the bag flips around while attached to your waist to get lenses out if needed. It can carry many lenses and has a nice space at the top of the bag for a cell phone, snack bar, etc. 

My camera body is now Fuji. I made a change last year from Canon to Fuji. I had shot Canon for 15 years and loved it. I was so loyal to my Canon6D that I took way too long to make a change. After lots of research, talking to photo friends, I decided on Fuji. I love it and have not looked back. The key reasons for my selection included wanting a mirrorless camera, great color, lightweight, ease of use, and cost. I love shooting with this camera, it is fun to use, offers all the options I would want, and the image color is fantastic! 

As far as lenses, I  simplified my kit once I moved to Fuji. I primarily shoot with a 16MM fixed lens for landscape or the 24-70MM. I have a 66MM macro and a Lensbaby Velvet 85MM Macro for my close-up work. The 66M macro is a lightweight lens and so fast and reliable. It does a great job in the garden when I don’t want to lug around the 105MM. Its focus is sharp and quick. My favorite lens by far is the Fuji 70-300. It is such a versatile lens, capturing intimate landscape scenes, zooming in on something far away, and shooting close-up/macro images. It has impressive bokeh and is fun to use in the garden, hike, or city scene. I also carry my Lensbaby Sol45MM with me for creative fun shots, and I have an older sigma 105MM that I use on the Fuji with an adaptor. 

I also upgraded my tripod last year to the Peak Travel tripod. I rarely use a tripod, but this one is my favorite of the many I have collected over the years. 

In my bag, I also have a set of ND filters, ND, 4, 6, 8, 10. I have adaptors so that I can use the filters on different lenses. I also carry lens cleaning cloths, a small flashlight, extra SD cards, batteries, bug spray, small water sprayer( for macro work). 

Throughout my years as a photographer, I have learned that for me, simplicity works best. I want to enjoy the experience, focus more on the scene, find the right composition, the beauty in the light, and work with whatever lens I have in my bag. I encourage you to let go of the idea that you have to have the best or newest equipment to make good art. It is simply not the case. A good photograph is not about the gear; it is about the story that you create. 

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