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  1. Favorite Close Up Photography Gear

    10 Aug 2020
    I will admit I am not a camera gear aficionado. I don’t like to carry a lot of camera gear. I want to keep it simple. I spend my time reading and studying the art of photography vs. the technical details of gear. However, it is critical to our craft…

  2. Creative Technique - Pep Ventosa Technique

    02 Aug 2020
    Creative Photo and Editing Technique – Pep Ventosa Method The artist and photographer, Pep Ventosa’s work are inspiring, alluring, and exciting to try to emulate. His work is a process of walking all-around a subject taking photos and then combining them in Photoshop or a similar stacking/layer program to create…

  3. Rainy Day Photo Ideas

    31 Jul 2020
    It’s been raining for days!  Don’t let the weather get you down. Try some of these simple photography ideas to make the best of the weather.   Freeze Objects  Place flowers, fruit, or sliced lemons in a freezer container. Fill the container halfway with water and let it freeze. Once frozen…

  4. Intentional Camera Movement - Landscape

    29 Jul 2020
    A creative technique when you are out shooting any landscape scene is to capture it abstractly. Intentional camera movement ( ICM) is easy to produce and can give you a different perspective of the shooting location. I also like to save these to use as textures with other images. Here…

  5. 1O Ideas for a Photo Walk

    28 Jul 2020
    This is a great time to try something new in your photography, stepping out of the norm to explore and expand your skills. A great activity is a themed photo walk of your neighborhood or local area. Walking and shooting with a theme can help you focus on something different…

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