Summer Photography Reading/Videos

Summer is such a great time to catch up on videos or reading. Here are a few new and older photography-related books and videos to check out this summer!  

  • Two Years on a Bike, Martijn Doolaard is a beautiful photo book and story of one artist’s journey from Vancouver to Argentina. “ A bike is all you need to join this epic adventure, spanning continents and years, that will awaken your thirst for exploration. Imagine going from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina, powered by nothing but your own two legs. Pedaling through wind, rain and blistering sun until you reach the mythical Tierra del Fuego. It’s the epic adventure many dream of doing, which photographer and travel writer Martijn Doolaard did in Two Years on a Bike.”
  • Martijn Doolaard also has a YouTube channel where he has recorded his property development in the Italian Alps - it is mesmerizing to watch and beautiful footage.
  • William Neil’s portfolio development book is out on Amazon.“This book will teach you how to put your best foot forward, developing portfolios that display your finest photos. I cover the art of editing your images and developing thematic portfolios. You will learn how to focus on the subjects that most inspire you. The lessons are designed to illustrate a self-guided process of conceiving themes, editing new and previous work, and then developing a strong thematic portfolio ready for presentation.”
  • Sandra Bartocha’s new book is inspiring and beautiful to review.  ”Rhythm Of Nature is the quintessential collection of my photographic work from over a decade. I am never interested in visiting special places, but always in the atmosphere. Photography allows me to live more intensely and to become an attentive observer of change … a life full of colours, textures, movement and light, shaped by the eternal rhythm of the seasons. You will not find photographs of faraway and exotic places in it, but images from my home – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, with its lakes, wide fields, flowering meadows and old forests. This home is my playground, inspiration and also a place of refuge. It is here that I try to capture the magic of the everyday in pictures.”
  • If you want to really understand your camera and photography, grab Emma Davies books - A year with my camera! She has a workbook and online groups that you can join too. 
  • Robb Hirsch’s book on Yosemite will make you want to book a trip asap! “In his debut book The Nature of Yosemite: A Visual Journey, Hirsch provides this enriching experience by calling on knowledgeable collaborators—all experts in their fields—to contribute essays that share insights into the wonders on view in his photographs.”
  • Simon Baxter has a good YouTube channel focused on woodland photography. I enjoyed watching some of his older videos. 
  • One of my favorite all-time editing videos is Secrets to Color Grading with Johanna Kustra. It is long, but very informative. 
  • Garden portrait inspiration check out this book - “A photographic portrait of 16 private gardens in New York and Connecticut through the seasons, weathers, and times of day. For his third book of landscape photographs with Monacelli, following Magnificent Trees of the New York Botanical Garden and The Rockefeller Family Gardens, Larry Lederman has selected 16 private gardens in New York State and Connecticut and studied them in depth, presenting views through the seasons and weathers to capture their essential spirit.”
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