Brookside Gardens, Maryland

The garden, Brookside, located in Maryland, is a place that offers spaces to run, picnic, sit and reflect. The gardens are a mix of formal spaces and native gardens and are part of Montgomery county parks and recreation. The entire garden is 50 acres and was developed in the late 1960s. The natural areas of the garden are more prominent, which showcases the native plants that grow in this area. The formal gardens include a stunning spring tulip display, perennials of all types, and a large rose garden. The native plants fill in natural spaces with azalea's, hydrangeas, ferns, and magical spring bulbs and blooms. 

Outside the second entrance to the gardens is a natural pathway to the nature trail that provides beautiful specimens of native spring ground cover, perennials, and ferns. 

Spring and fall are my favorite times spent in this magical space. The azaleas are at least 6 feet tall and are throughout all the natural walkways. The crabapple trees, dogwoods, cherry, and plum trees fill the air with sweetness. During fall, the garden turns into detailed textures and colors that are warm shades of gold. 

This garden is a special place for all to get to come and experience. It is a place that welcomes guests, allows children to roll down its fields of grass, skip rocks in the pond and smell the roses. 

"Sitting, now, on my garden bench, relaxing, resting, no longer toiling. Quietly sitting, eyes closed, just listening. Quietly, quietly listening.Evening approaching, Mockingbird singing."

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