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A Year of Creative Photography 

A year long self study program with a monthly instructor led Zoom session. Each month students receive a new creative learning module. The monthly module is filled with instruction, videos, and activities. Students will gain new skills while staying grounded in their photography for the year. All participants get to join a community of photographers, sharing their work, and gaining valuable feedback. 

Program Begins January 2022!

Winter Workshops

Kickstart a Personal Photo Project - January 18th 

This mini course will give you all the tools needed to create, launch, and share a personal photo project. Join instructor Lori Lankford for a one and half hour seminar where she will share her personal projects and give you all the tools needed to start your own project this year. 

Light Pad Workshop - February 12, Washington DC 

Come and learn all about creating displays and shooting on a light tracing pad. 

I will share mytechniques for floral displays, shooting techniques and post-processing. The course will be a combination of presentation, hands-on shooting, and demonstrations of post-processing techniques. 

Creative Close Ups - Feb 9- Feb 28, Online content and Live Zoom 

Join me and dive into the world of close up photography. This is a four week workshop filled with presentations, video, instructor feedback and a weekly live class. 

Creative Close Ups 

Explore how to add creative, artistic elements to your flower and nature photography.

Creative Editing 

Explore the world of creative editing with Photoshop. Learn 8 different creative techniques

Mastering Color 

Master the color in your macro, nature and close -up images with the advanced tools found in Lightroom Classic.

Magic of Winter

Explore how to photograph the season of winter in a creative and magical way.  A set of Winter Presets and Overlays are also included. 


"I've taken two photography classes with Lori and both were exceptional.  Her classes have a great mix of both lecture and practical exercises which really enhances the learning experience. Lori is an outstanding teacher who is passionate about her craft and passionate about teaching others the art of photography."

“Lori's classes were exceptional in every respect - her enthusiasm was contagious; her preparation always exceeded expectations; class activities and assignments were challenging and motivating; and, her feedback was constructive and right on target. I certainly plan on attending any upcoming workshops that Lori conducts.”

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