Reminiscing in Falls Church Virginia

I often shop at the local farmer’s market in Falls Church on Saturdays. As I drive through the town of Falls Church, I often feel nostalgic about its historical past. The Main Street is lined with beautiful historic homes, churches, and buildings from a day and life long past. The city began and was named in 1757. Its first building was the Episcopal church, which is still a cornerstone of the area. It would take an hour to travel to Falls Church from Washington DC by horse. Today it takes an hour due to traffic. Falls Church was a popular spot for summer visitors looking to escape the city of DC. Now it is a thriving city just miles from the Nations Capital.

As with many small American towns, its historical roots are now faintly present. The few remaining historical buildings are surrounded by new construction, high rise apartments, and chain grocery stores. But even with all the growth, it has not lost its charm. I enjoy driving through, imagining what life was like back in the early 1800’s.

This collection of photos is a creative way to honor the cities history, showcase its charm, and reminisce about days past.

Copyright 2016 Lori Lankford
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