Blue Flowers! 

The color blue is a favorite for most people. It is calming and associated with depth, stability, and peace. While the color is in our sky and waters, it is only ten percent of the world's flowering plants.

While it is hard to plant or grow the blue poppy, there are many other options if you want to add the color blue to your garden. Consider a full blue garden bed or container filled with a mix of blue plants, or add some to your beds for a nice pop of color. 

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The Beauty of Perennials.  Of all the seasons, the months of April and May are my favorites.  I am always excited to see my perennials begin to pop with those first green shoots, and I know the colorful blooms are not far behind.  I try to keep it simple, adding plants that I love and that will bloom all season. The beauty is in the flower! 

Have you heard of the term Mono No Aware?  The concept originated in Japanese literature as early as the 1100s. During the 18th century, the idea spread through Japanese culture and became a tradition. The term means ” the pathos of things.” This term often implies sadness or a melancholy state. 

Just as February is coming to an end, the Lenten Rose or Hellebores’ beautiful blooms pop up from the hard cold earth to give us hope for spring. Living on the east coast, the Hellebore has become one of my early spring favorite plants. Learn more about their fun facts, gardening tips, and ways to photograph. 

The Ranunculus is considered an almost perfect flower and just about everyone’s favorite. Click here to learn more about these adorable blooms.  

April is a time to look forward to every year.  I enjoy preparing for outside planting, bringing out my flower boxes and pots, and thinking about what look I want to achieve this season.  Learn more about starting creative garden containers this spring! 

It is that time of year on the East Coast and in Virginia, where spring arrives, bringing the beauty of Cherry blossoms, spring Daffodils, and Bluebells. While the Cherry Blossoms take center stage in late March, the VA Bluebells in early April are not missed. Click to read full story. 

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