I have embarked on a personal photo project and writing assignment for 2021 called Garden Stories. I hope to share the stories, history, and moments that stole my attention while visiting beautiful garden spaces across the U.S.  

I will be visiting gardens all along the East Coast, Chicago, Arizona, and California.  I hope to showcase what makes each garden space unique and memorable through my images and writing. 

Mt Cuba Center

Mt Cuba center has won numerous awards for its native gardens and its conservation of the land. Mt Cuba is one of my favorite native garden spaces. It is a perfect size and has something magical happening during each season that I have visited. 

*    *    *


In the Brandywine Valley of Delaware, Winterthur is 1,000 acres of protected meadows, woodlands, ponds, and waterways. The 60-acre garden, designed by du Pont, is among America's best, with magnificent plantings and massive displays of color throughout the year.

*    *    *

Dumbarton Oaks Garden

Dumbarton Oaks is a landscape masterpiece filled with history, beauty, and a story of two women passionate about art, design, and creating a stunning outdoor space. Learn more about this beautiful space and see the images from spring 2021.  

*    *    *

Brookside Gardens

This garden is a special place for all to get to enjoy and experience. It is a place that welcomes guests, allows children to roll down its fields of grass, skip rocks in the pond and smell the roses. See how spring looks at Brookside in Maryland. 

*    *    *

Longwood Gardens

There is one word to describe Longwood Gardens - Magnificent!  Such a different place from the gardens in South Carolina. This garden tells a story of rich history, creative art, vision, and design. See the images of unique plants grown on site, massive floral displays, and the beauty of spring blooms.

*    *    *

Brookgreen Gardens

I kicked off this project in South Carolina with a springtime visit to Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, SC. The gardens bring a combination of natural beauty, art, and history. See the massive canopies of the 200 year live oaks, and learn a little about the history of this special place. 

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