What defines home? Is home a place, a moment in time, a feeling, a smell? My physical home growing up was in rural Virginia. My elementary and junior high school were surrounded by pig, dairy, and tobacco farms. Our summers were spent picking berries, shucking fresh corn, and going to antique auctions. We would visit my grandparents once a month in another rural part of Virginia.  I would stare out the window looking at the countryside, full of historic homes and farms. At the time, I thought that was the normal landscape all across America. As I grew up and moved out of the area, my horizons expanded. The rest of America was not the same as my home.  

Now that I am back living in Virginia, I am enjoying  the familiar landscapes, historic buildings, and historical places that remind me of home. These places have stood the test of time, still standing as a reminder of our past. They remind me of home. 

My photos in this collection include historic buildings in the Manassas area from the mid 1700’s. These homes survived the Civil War and the Battle of Bull Run. My photos bring life back into these places that are today all sealed up, cold, and lifeless. I chose to edit them to reflect how they stood in their time—as homes that provided warmth on a cold night, protected families from war, and fed the hungry and injured. 

Copyright 2016 Lori Lankford
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