The beginning...

Main St Garden

In November of 2021, my husband and I found a restored Victorian home dating to 1910 in a small Maryland town. We fell in love with its charm, character, and garden potential. In comparison, the house had been restored the back garden was a big muddy blank slate. I was excited to get to create something from scratch. As a flower photographer, I had an extensive list of the plants I wanted to add to the new garden space. One of our favorite features of the property is the summer kitchen that is original to the house. It is directly behind the main house and was something we had to build the garden around. The summer kitchen was probably from the 1880s when a fruit orchard was on the property. 

We began designing the garden, working with a garden planner out of the UK for inspiration. We decided we wanted to have three garden spaces, a patio with potted plants, a formal English-style garden, and a working garden for seeds, Dahlias, and vegetables. The property is long and narrow so dividing it into spaces worked to give it some structure and purpose. We added privacy trees and shrubs along the property line and driveway that would provide year-round interest and some space division. 

Patio Install 

Patio complete garden forming

Flower beds set and grass added 

First Year 

We hired help to build the patio area and shape the flower bed. Beginning in late April, my husband and I started the planting. We filled the beds with shrubs, perennials, roses, and hydrangeas. We were thinking carefully about plant selection. My goal was to have three seasons of color and texture in the garden - something blooming all year round. We also added water lines to ensure plant success and lots of compost to the soil. The land used to be an orchard a hundred years ago. The ground is rich but had been full of vines and weeds, which we have had to address.  

May 2022 - First Planting

Garden Growth

We are so pleased with the final project. The patio space is a second living area, and the garden is just the right size to manage and enjoy. I love the working garden area where I can play with seed sowing, bulb planting, etc.. The back shade garden is evolving and one day may be home to a small greenhouse. I was able to share the space this summer with Plein air painters and photographers. In 2023 the garden will be showcased in the Maryland home and garden tour, and I will continue to open the garden for artists to enjoy. Stay tuned on this site for garden photo opportunities. 

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