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Texture in the Garden Workshop - October 16th

$55.00 USD

Join me this fall for a texture photography workshop at the gorgeous  Brookside Garden in Maryland. 

Textures are all around us, the trick is learning how to express the texture visually with a photograph. During this session I will walk you through how to capture texture so the viewer can imagine how the subject feels. We will focus on how to train your eye to look for the small details, how to capture the fine details with your camera and how to add final edits. Walk away with a new appreciation for the little details around us and how to turn those into beautiful images.  


- Brookside Gardens is located in Wheaton Maryland, 1800 Glenallan Ave, Wheaton, MD 20902, and offers free parking, and  many garden/landscaped areas to use as our outdoor studio. Check out more about the garden at this link: 

- The workshop begins at 9:00am until 11:30. There will be a follow up zoom call to share images and receive editing tips.

- Brookside is relatively flat for walking and has nice paved or gravel paths. We will walk the entire time. 

- Tripods are allowed and can be used. I recommend a variety of lenses anything from a 24MM - 300MM will work great. Macro lens are helpful, but not required. 

- This course is great for beginner to advanced photographers. A general use of your camera  and exposure settings are required since we will be focused on shooting the entire time together. 

What we will cover: 

- All about texture photography 

- How to look for and compose the best detailed images

- Technical tips

- Advanced shooting using focus stacking, intentional camera movement 

- How to use light to bring out the textures and capture them in a beautiful way

Refunds or Rain

- If you cannot attend the workshop after purchase I will try to fill your space. 

- Rain, we will cancel and reschedule if over 75% chance of rain. Otherwise we will hold the workshop. 

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