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Light Tracing Pad Photography 

5 easy steps to get you started! 

Multiple Exposure

 Multiple Exposure photography is a fun technique to add creativity to your images.   

Creating a time-lapse video  Do you enjoy viewing time-lapse videos but have no ideas how to create them?   I was reluctant to try capturing or putting together a time-lapse video myself.

Creative Techniques for Spring Spring flowers are gorgeous on their own - filled with color and texture. But, they are also the perfect flowers to capture with some creative elements. I enjoy capturing these images using multiple exposures, free lensing, and shooting thru techniques.

The Beauty of Color Color is a critical factor in telling a visual story. Color evokes emotions and brings an image to life. Decorators, film-makers, commercial designers, web designers, and photographers alter and use color to tell stories and draw you in. Check out how to let color shine in your work. 

Creative Technique: Free Lensing Have fun this spring with this creative camera tool. Free Lensing is a great way to capture a very shallow depth of field image. This process helps you create Images that are dreamy and ethereal. This technique may seem risky to some, but if you practice, you can do it without harming your camera or lens. 

A creative technique when you are out shooting any type of landscape scene is to capture it abstractly. Intentional camera movement ( ICM) is easy to produce and can give you a different perspective of the location you were shooting.  Here are my tips for capturing great abstract landscape images. 

The Emotion of Color and how to it can impact you're photography. In both art and photography, the color will define the image's mood, and manipulating your colors or color tones can change the image's emotion for you and the viewer. Let's review some key colors and how they can impact the emotions in your images. 

I love to create abstract, impressionistic, creative images in the garden. Using the technique of intentional camera movement will help you achieve this look in the camera.  The techniques are similar to ICM in landscape settings, but let's review the best strategies for creating these "Monet" like images in the garden. 

Learn all about High Key photography and capturing translucent flowers with a light tracing pad. Creating these images does not take a huge studio and light set up.  With a couple simple tools and steps you can create studio like images with beautiful brightness and translucency.

Explore creative editing with LAB color mode.  If you are looking to add a creative flair to an image shot with a white background, try this quick technique to invert the image creating a black background.   

Launch a personal photography project!  Beginners to professional photographers benefit from the focus, determination, and direction that a project provides.   Let's dive into the guidelines for projects, ideas to get you started,  and explore projects for inspiration. 

As the cold of winter starts to leave, we experience the new beginning of spring every year. When spring begins to arrive, we can see the buds appearing on trees, crocus flowers popping up from the hard ground, and daffodils blooming along the side of the road.Here are some of my favorite local places to really see the birth of spring. I hope you will get out on those windy March days and celebrate the new beginning of spring.

The artist and photographer, Pep Ventosa’s work are inspiring, alluring, and exciting to try to emulate. His work is a process of walking all-around a subject taking photos and then combining them in Photoshop or a similar stacking/layer program to create one final image. Read all about how to emulate his work. 

Explore Frozen Flower Photography! I have photographed frozen flowers for many years and played around with various techniques. It is something that always sounds easy, but I have had varied results. Here are my essential tips and learnings from many years of trial and error. 

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