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I am Lori, and you can find me out in my garden, capturing its beauty with my camera. Over the past 15 years, I crafted a process for creatively capturing the beauty around me. Mastering post-processing creative techniques have enhanced my images. Through online courses and workshops, I share my knowledge and experience. Join me in my Main St Garden, and let's get creative together!  

My Story

Fall 2023 - October

Texture Photography Workshop at Brookside Gardens, MD 

Textures are all around us, the trick is learning how to express the texture visually with a photograph. During this session I will walk you through how to capture texture so the viewer can imagine how the subject feels. We will focus on how to train your eye to look for the small details, how to capture the fine details with your camera and how to add final edits. Walk away with a new appreciation for the little details around us and how to turn those into beautiful images.  


A Year of Creative Photography

Registration Opens 10-1-22

Each year a group of photographers join me to explore creative photography techniques - both shooting and post-processing! 

Testimontial from the course!

"LOVED IT! Lori taught in a way that the skills could be applied at all levels. Online presentations were extremely well done--loved the examples and different videos demonstrating techniques. Lori is knowledgeable, professional, helpful, supportive and inspirational. I felt the class helped me take my photography to the next level in a short amount of time."

New Session begins January 2023 - Click here for details

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