Consider creative in-camera shooting technique with your fall/winter photography. Tips to get you started in this post. 

What would you start if you knew you could finish? Jump into a personal photo project in the new year. Here are 10 fresh ideas to give you some inspiration. 

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Photograph the beauty of winter! #lovelydeadcrap

It’s that time of year on the east coast when everything is primarily brown. The garden is filled with stems, dried leaves, seedpods, and all things crunchy! It may seem like the worst time of year to photograph in the garden, but it is when I have captured some of my best images. 

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The creative shooting and editing style of Pep Ventosa is covered in this post. Learn how to imitate his incredible style of layering images together. 

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I love to create abstract, impressionistic, creative images in the garden. Using the technique of intentional camera movement will help you achieve this look in the camera.  The techniques are similar to ICM in landscape settings, but let's review the best strategies for creating these abstract like images in the garden. 

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