I am Lori, a photographer, gardener, educator, and digital artist. I began capturing life with my camera over 20 years ago, but my deep-rooted appreciation for flowers has helped define my work. My grandparents introduced me to gardening, flowers, and warm summer days in a blackberry field. I often tagged along as my grandmother went to harvest the latest fruit. Today, those memories inspire my photography, instruction, and personal Main St. garden.

I am passionate about sharing my love of flowers, creative processes and editing. I write for ICM Photo Magazine and have been published in various print and digital mediums. Learn more about me at the links below. 


As a photographer and gardener, I cherish living on the east coast. I take advantage of all four seasons for both of my passions. I prefer to photograph in natural light, expressing nature around me creatively and even abstractly. I strive to showcase nature's textures, light, and simplistic details in my images. Working with students, I share the creative techniques I have mastered over the years. I am honored to have my work featured in various galleries and publications. 

Course and Workshops

Growing up in the south and around two generations of gardeners, I enjoy sharing my love of flowers and southern gardens with fellow students. I teach hands-on workshops, online courses, editing instruction, and conduct webinars for various organizations. My goal is to help people see what's around them in a new way and express it creatively. I authored an annual program, " A year of Creative Photography" It is a course that takes you thru a journey of different creative photo topics each month. 

Main St Garden

In 2021 we decided to leave city life behind. We found a restored 1910 Victorian home in a charming town in Maryland. I have started a small cottage garden and can't wait to see it grow. I enjoy early mornings in my cozy space, weeding, planting, and photographing its flowers. My Main Street garden opens a couple of times a year for garden workshops and pop-up events. 

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