A Year of Creative Photography Program


This program is a year long journey of creative photography. The monthly themes will keep you inspired all year long!

Each month you will receive a new mini-course with a fresh creative topic. The content each month is just the right amount to focus on for 30 days, however you will have access to each month's materials for the entire year in case you miss a month or get busy.

All students will have access to an online community. Through this group you will be able to post images, get feedback, and ask questions. 

Each month there will be one live Zoom instructor led session to review the months concept, review student images, provide additional content and answer questions. 

This program is an amazing opportunity to grow as a photography, stay focused on making images each month of the year, and explore different style, techniques and editing tools. 

Sample Monthly Themes

Explore the Beauty of Abstract Photography 

Get creative with Shadows and make them subject of your images

Dive into Color Theory and how to capture and edit color

Using Format