Longwood Gardens, April 2021

Longwood Gardens, a horticultural display garden, is located in Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia. There is only really one word to describe the place - Magnificent. While walking through the property, you will overhear guests saying, "this is the WillyWonka of gardens," or "this is the Disney of gardens." It indeed looked like technicolor had washed over the landscape when I visited this spring. 

Longwood Gardens has a rich history dating back to the 1700s when the land was home to a native Lenni Lenape tribe. It changed ownership a couple of times until Pierre du Post purchased the land to develop the farmland. He had the vision to create stunning gardens. He had traveled and been exposed to gardens across the world and brought those ideas with him to Longwood. In 1907 he built out the famous 600 foot long Flower Garden Walk, which can be walked today. By 1916 he began planning for the indoor garden to showcase flowers and plants in a big way. The perpetual Eden ( conservatory) was opened in 1921. The conservatory was considered a "perpetual indoor flower show." 

Visiting Longwood Gardens is an all-day adventure. There is so much to see and experience. I would suggest picking a couple of critical parts of the gardens that you want to see. Their website does a great job of showcasing what is blooming.

The conservatory is a must-stop! The grand floral displays are some of the best in the world. They are a floral art! The displays highlight the plants, colors, and beauty of the current season and are crafted by the worlds best garden designers. The area also highlights season flowers grown in the greenhouses.  In late March/April Himalayan Blue Poppies are examples of the unique flowers you will get to see. 

The flower garden walk is my second must-stop. The history of this place and the ever-changing natural blooming plants, including spring bulbs, wisteria, peonies, and many perennials, make it a favorite spot. You will always find something in bloom. If you visit in spring, the cherry trees in this area are the largest and most gorgeous I have seen.

A lovely quiet spot at the gardens would be the Hillside garden. This area has a gorgeous water pond, picnic area, and natural plants blooming throughout the year. This part of the gardens feels very natural and less grand. It is a nice balance to the large garden displays found in the Conservatory. 

This garden tells a story about taking chances, having a vision, and creating something magical and exceptional. This garden's story is one of design and art. They are taking the colors, textures of nature and bringing them to life for millions to experience. 

“Behind every great garden is a great gardener telling a story through his or her design. Gardeners, like storytellers, are artists. Gardeners and storytellers both seek to inspire, evoke emotion and thought, and make a lasting impact through their art … they seek to better the worlds of those who experience that art. Our worlds have most certainly been made better by the work of a number of great garden designers and landscape architects, including those whose work can be experienced firsthand at Longwood.”

Source: www.longwoodgardens.com

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