Simplify your editing workflow with these gorgeous presets! I created these after years of editing.

 Each collection will strengthen your color palette and bring out moody or bright tones. 

Presets work with Lightroom Classic Versions 7.3 or Greater and Lightroom Mobile

The spring collection celebrates the beauty and color of the season. This workflow makes your editing simple and provides gorgeous colors and tones. Click here for more details!

Blue Eyes

BW Soft Spring

Magenta Magic

Moody and Soft Spring

Orange Sherbet

Pink Ballerina

Pretty in Pink

Spring Morning 

Spring Glow Green 

Spring Pop of Purple

Daffodil Yellow 

The winter collection is all about warmth, icy tones of blue, and gorgeous winter white. These presets will make your winter images pop with warmth. Check out all the details here. 

Pine Green

Frosty Mood

Holiday Red

Icy Blue

Sunny Winter Green

Winter White

Warm Blue Winter

Warm Winter

Winter Blues

BW Winter

Warm Pine Green 

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