Holiday Gift Guide

Here are my 2022 top holiday gift ideas that any photographer would love!  I hope you find something new for yourself or a photo idea for a friend.  

Camera Tech  Gear

  • I love this peak design tech bag for extra batteries, cables, extension tubes, etc.. It is handy for all things gear when traveling and makes a great gift.
  • I have to keep this idea on my list yearly - a light tracking pad. Shooting on a light tracing pad is one of my favorite indoor photo tools. I have a short post on easy steps to get started. There are lots of options for light pads to purchase. You can start with a small one or use this larger option to do nice large displays. It is a fun and pretty easy technique that will allow you to create flat-lay images with a high-key look. 
  • I discovered Errer backdrops this year and love them! The quality is amazing for the price.  They work for flat-lay images or can be hung for a still life or macro photo shoot. A gift card would make a great gift for your foodie or still-life photographer. 
  • Backing up all your images is critical. A friend shared this incredible company, Backblaze, and I have been very impressed with its easy use. They also make the gift-giving process so easy with their online gift cards. 
  • This very inexpensive LED light is my go-to light for indoor and outdoor use. This is a handy tool for all photographers since it holds a charge for a long time, making it easy to use outdoors. 
  • A great stocking stuff is these universal lens covers by KUVRD. I love them for ease of use, and they work on any lens. 


I have purchased several books this year, mainly focused on personal photo projects. These are a few of my favorites. 

  • An American in Provence was just released and is an NYT best-selling book. This book is truly stunning and provides so much inspiration. It is more than a picture book - it is a story, photography tips, recipes, and a journey of one women’s experience. 
  • Revealed at the Edge is a gorgeous photo book of a personal photo project by the author. It details a 30-day journey on the west coast of California. The images and story are gorgeous. 
  • Artist David Hockney’s image book from his 2020 Spring in Normandy is a stunning little book that would be a joy for any creative photographer to receive. It is a beautiful book filled with his iPad images. 
  • A beautiful and useful garden photography book is by author and gardener Millie Proust. Milli Proust is inspired by the way plants grow in the wild, and she loves working with what she grows, creating romantic and playful designs for weddings, events, brands, and personal clients. The book is Seed to Bloom
  • For a landscape, national park photo fan, check out this book by Thomas Mangleson, featuring 150 of Mangelsen’s most iconic photos that capture the majesty of all the seasons in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem—the most dramatic vistas and all of the magnificent wildlife.


  • I discovered a new vendor for textures this year and loved all the beautiful options. Check out the coffeeshopblog for some creative options. 
  • Sarah Gardner has a gorgeous collection of textures and actions. These are perfect for garden, flower, nature, and still life/food photography. 


Happy Holidays - Lori 

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