Holiday Gift Guide

What should be on your photography holiday wish list? 

Each year I try to share a few of my favorite photography gear and tools. I hope you find something new for yourself or a photo idea for a friend.  

Camera Gear: 

One of my favorite gear items is my camera strap. I chose to go with the peak design brand and love the versatility of the long strap and the swap to a handheld strap. Check these out if you are looking for a more accessible option and one that works as part of a camera system. 

Shooting on a light tracing pad is one of my favorite indoor photo tools. I have a short post on easy steps to get started. There are lots of options for light pads to purchase. You can start with a small one or go for this larger option that lets you do really nice large displays. It is a fun and pretty easy technique that will allow you to create flat lay images with a high-key look. 

Backdrops can be so handy when shooting still life, food photography, macro, and people. This is one of my favorite options for colors and ease of use. It is a pop up, collapsable backdrop. Check them out - you will love it! 

Last year on my list was the  Peak Design Travel tripod. I got it as a gift and have used it all year. I have to say it has worked great and defiantly makes my list of top tripods of all times. I would still highly recommend it and if you can convert to all the peak design systems to ensure the best ease of use. 


I love books about photography, creative arts, and gardening. These were some of my favorites from this year. 

1. Lessons from the Great Gardeners: Forty Gardening Icons and What They Teach Us

2. Frances Palmer, Life in the Studio: Inspiration and Lessons on Creativity

3. 50 Paintings you should know

4. Bränningsland - Bohusläns skärgård målad med kameran som pensel, Erik Malm, ICM Photography

5. Emma Davies is coming out with 2 new books on December 10th - worth checking out on Amazon. “A Year With My Camera Workbook Three for Year Two” and “A Year With My Camera Workbook Four for Year Two” a week on Friday. 


Topaz Studio 2 has become one of my go-to editing programs. The program’s ease of use, its creative options, and the AI features are all things I have come to enjoy. If you want to add some creativity to your editing, this would be the go-to product. 

Outdoor Gear: 

The Heat Company makes some incredible gear for shooting outside in the winter.  Check out these excellent gloves that keep your hands warm and give your fingers access to use your camera. They are amazing! 


Give yourself the gift of a photo community this year. Join the CPC Photo Community. A great way to connect with other photographers, stay inspired, and learn something new. I am excited to be hosting the community this year and will bring in other photographers to speak. 

ICM Photography Magazine and Network - the go-to place for all things creative ICM photography. 

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