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  1. Bluebells of Virginia

    2021-04-05 15:55:11 UTC

    It is that time of year on the East Coast and in Virginia, where spring arrives, bringing the beauty of Cherry blossoms, spring Daffodils, and Bluebells. While the Cherry Blossoms take center stage in late March, the VA Bluebells in early April are not to be missed. A native…

  2. “Spring Rose”

    2021-03-08 15:40:40 UTC

    The Ranunculus is considered an almost perfect flower and just about everyone’s favorite. This flower has been a go-to flower for wedding and floral designers for many years. But it became even more popular when the grocery store chain Trader Joe’s started carrying them in stores each spring. Their papery…

  3. Mono No Aware: Appreciate the fleeting days of spring!

    2021-02-28 16:43:56 UTC

    Have you heard of the term Mono No Aware?  The concept originated in Japanese literature as early as the 1100s. During the 18th century, the idea spread through Japanese culture and became a tradition. The term means ” the pathos of things.” This term often implies sadness or a melancholy…

  4. Master creating beautiful high key images.

    2021-02-15 14:14:25 UTC

    High Key photography is a style typically found in commercial and portrait photos. This method creates an image with a bright white background and little to no shadows present. The final images are creative and project a luminous, airy quality. When capturing flowers in a high-key manner, they almost become…

  5. Create Impressionistic Garden Images

    2020-08-27 19:39:36 UTC

    I love to create abstract, impressionistic, creative images in the garden. Using the technique of intentional camera movement will help you achieve this look in the camera.  In a prior post, I shared how to capture ICM images in landscape scenes. The techniques are similar, but let’s review the best…

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